What can you do over Fall Break?


Fall break is here that means you get to catch up on some work…well not too much work, because a girl needs to have her fun and me time! While on break you can binge watch your favorite shows on Netflix and spend time with your friends and family!


If you want to spend some time with your family and friends you could go to the museum, which is not only fun but it is also educational. You could also go to the movies or even the mall, but of course whatever you do – do it in style whether you are trying to dress it or dress it down!

If you want to just relax at home that is perfectly fine! It may be a while before you are able to get some rest and relax! During this time you can finish reading the book you may have been putting off. You can watch Netflix – who doesn’t love a good binge watch of Pretty Little Liars!

Though this is a short break it can be jam packed with fun and relaxation. No matter where you are, your dorm, at home, or taking a mini trip it is best to make the most of this time! 


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