Surely the world does not need another blog. But the world is so full of beautiful and exciting things that I could not resist the urge to share some of what I see. My name is Donna Young and I’m the founder and owner of Behind the Glass, a fashion and lifestyle store in the loveliest village of Auburn. I came to college here in 1974 for art and English and never left. And I’ve been running and reinventing Behind the Glass for almost 33 years.  I am 64 and thrilled to be here.  I’m inspired by nature and my garden; a trip to a museum or a symphony is heaven to me. I love, love to cook and entertain.  Picking out paint colors or designing a store display window is my idea of fun. And of course, I love fashion. Looking at the recent Vogue issue reminded me of that long ago excitement of perusing fashion magazines every school year and imagining who and what I could be. The fun of dressing up to express my nascent aspirations and hidden personality. This blog is about all of those things in the hope of spreading joy and encouragement to be ones best and  most authentic self. My hope for the future is that we can all slow down a bit and simplify. Take moments to sit quietly and listen to birds sing. Listen to our favorite music, savor a meal lovingly prepared. Care for ourselves and our communities. And most of all, learn to appreciate who we really are and march out everyday, with confidence and joy and determination.  The world needs us.