Lemongrass, lavender, fennel, spearmint, roses, chamomile...all conjure visions of a lovely meadow or garden. But these herbs and so many more natural ingredients are wonderful aids to beautiful skin.  Staying at home limits spa visits and wearing masks can irritate skin. So what better time to learn how to concoct natural facials at home? There are plenty of books on the subject, but I pulled out Jeanne Rose’s Herbal Body Book which I’ve had since the 80’s. Keep with the nostalgic theme and shop for supplies at Dayspring Natural Foods - a favorite haunt of the back to nature set in the 70’s(in its Auburn location). The beautiful, airy interior is packed with natural products and a whole wall of herbs!


Start out your home spa day with an herbal steam to open pores, a custom handmade  mask to nourish and tighten skin and follow with a honey pat. For the herbal steam, mix equal parts of licorice type herbs for removing impurities, healing herbs like comfrey and stimulating or soothing herbs like mint and chamomile.  In a non metallic pot, heat water to boiling and add several tablespoons of the herb mix and simmer for three minutes.  Tent yourself with a towel over the pot and savor that lovely aromatic steam for ten minutes.


To complete the ambience, play your favorite mellow tunes. And of course don your softest, comfiest ZSupply sweat pants and tees.


There are so many different mask options depending on skin type. For dry skin a mix of avocado and buttermilk is a yummy option. Older, dryer skin benefits from fresh mint with avocado oil and a great overall mask employs fresh cucumber, lemon juice and almond meal. Follow up the mask with the ever fabulous  honey pat! If you adopt just one tip from this post, make it the honey pat. Such a well kept secret and so easy. Honey is a natural humectant which means it draws water from the air to your skin. This is better than an expensive moisturizer because they only trap existing moisture in your skin. Apply the honey with your fingertips and pat until it is sticky. Continue patting as this helps to draw out any impurities from your pores. Rinse with cool water and voila! Soft and pampered skin and a refreshed attitude – all at home with minimal expense and the best ingredients nature can provide.