Who doesn't love brunch? BTG certainly does! And Lucy's is one of our favorite places to indulge in this pastime. Since they have fabulous new brunch items and we have fabulous new clothes perfect for brunching - our last week's photo shoot was a match made in brunch heaven.

What to wear for brunch? If you're celebrating an occasion like an engagement or a graduation, a pretty dress is in order. Keep it girly and flirty and walk that line between dressy and casual. Florals, pastel colors, flowy fits and cottons or chiffon are perfect. A midi or maxi would be fun.

If going the separates route, you can make them more casual with a tee like the look on the left or dressier with a floral tank and a pleated chiffon skirt.

If you and your girlfriends want to keep it super casual but still a little special, pull out the sorbet colored Wildfox and Z Supply sweats with matching shorts or denim shorts with cute sneakers. Call it college girl chic.












You can even do jeans, but please dress them up with a pretty top! Add fun jewelry and a nice wedge sandal.

Now your really hard choice is picking what to order! We swooned over the Croque Madame with its savory smoked ham, perfect sunnyside up eggs, gooey gruyere and luscious mornay sauce. Easily rivals the one at that cute little cafe in Paris. If you like a sweet breakfast, the warm morello cherry and mascarpone buttermilk hotcakes seduce with sweetness and sophistication. And do NOT leave without ordering the lemon lavender donuts - the perfect subtle blend of lavender and lemon enlivened with crunchy citrus sugar and dipped in a comforting creme anglaise.

The prettiest food prize goes to the hummus and za'ata toast. I mean, how gorgeous? Brunch is all about pretty food and pretty drinks. Make sure your outfit is too, for the perfect start to your day.