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Sleigh the Holidays BTG Style!

The holidays are quickly approaching so that means it is time to get your wardrobe ready for every party function or for a night in with your family and friends! Whether it may be a Christmas Party or New Year’s Eve, you have to be prepared to sleigh! Of course, it’s the time of the year where you just want to bundle up with cozy sweaters, sweats and fuzzy socks BUT it is also the time of the year where you need to break out your inner glam! Whether you are dressing casually or dressing up you have to look camera ready, because this is the season where memories are captured (basically you don’t want to be caught on Snapchat or IG looking like the Grinch who stole Christmas!) So, we have a few looks for you below.

For instance we paired our Jack Hobie Sweater with our Noel Embroidered Mini Skirt (Ironic right?) Whether it is with your family or friends you are sure to stand out while looking stylish, but feeling completely comfortable!

It is the holidays so that means you have to have bring on the sparkle and we defiantly got you covered in that department!

Whether it’s this two-piece set: Fairy Glitzmother

This Glam top: Stardust Dot Deep Marine Top

Sparkly pants: Bam Bam Bells

Or this graphic tee for a casual night in: Stardust Tee

All brought to you by Show Me Your Mumu. It is a mix of Glam and casual styles that are sure to keep you looking stylish for the holidays! 


For More Holiday Inspiration Click the Link Below!



12/8/2017 11:14 AM By Charissee McKee Fashion, Lifestyle,

BTG isn’t just a fashion brand it’s a lifestyle brand. It was described by the owner, Donna Young, as creative, inquisitive and adventurous! It’s a brand that has been in the Auburn community for 30 years and is a go to shop for many college girls! 30 years is a major milestone to reach especially when trying to maintain a business in an industry that is changing daily from trends to consumer interests. By not only being determined, but also flexible and daring – We have managed to stay afloat and continues to grow! So, in light of the 30th Anniversary we decided to give you some interesting facts about BTG from the owner herself!

  • Where did the name come from? Well Behind the Glass started with an art gallery – and art work is typically behind glass. So, they named it Behind the Glass, because it was mysterious and related to the art work!
  • So BTG didn’t start as a boutique – as noted it started as an art gallery, then a café was added, and later the boutique was added.
  • BTG was once a bookstore for a while and we sold home goods – it was important for us to be flexible!
  • We were the only boutique in the area in the beginning.
  • When BTG opened a café, there actually wasn’t another lunch spot in town. They wanted to offer something fresh and light.
  • Donna Young’s middle son was born around the time of the opening of the store – she stated, “We didn’t know what was going to come first him or the store!” His middle name is actually Glass - after the store!
  • Ever wondered where the “Be Pure Be Sure” sign came from? Well it was just bought off the side of the road in Columbus, GA and brought in the store!

  • One of the greatest memories of the owner was from one of the New York market trips. They did not allow children in, however she didn’t want to leave her daughter, Chloe, so she carried her in a suitcase throughout the market- talk about determination!
  • Before owning Behind the Glass, the owner waited tables, dabbled with graphic design andwas an art and English major.
  • Donna didn’t have any prior retail experience to owning Behind the Glass!
  • She also stated she would never sell tie die again, but of course it came back around! Which happens when being in business for 30 years!
  • Donna plans to retire here – of course, but she plans to still be involved a little while tending to her garden and artwork.
  • Most dramatic fact: there was a power shortage and flames were coming out of the back of the building, which could have caused a fire. 

10/19/2017 12:54 PM By Charissee McKee Lifestyle,

What can you do over Fall Break?


Fall break is here that means you get to catch up on some work…well not too much work, because a girl needs to have her fun and me time! While on break you can binge watch your favorite shows on Netflix and spend time with your friends and family!


If you want to spend some time with your family and friends you could go to the museum, which is not only fun but it is also educational. You could also go to the movies or even the mall, but of course whatever you do – do it in style whether you are trying to dress it or dress it down!

If you want to just relax at home that is perfectly fine! It may be a while before you are able to get some rest and relax! During this time you can finish reading the book you may have been putting off. You can watch Netflix – who doesn’t love a good binge watch of Pretty Little Liars!

(BB Dakota Karen Sweater, BB Dakota Ayala Cardigan,

Free People High SOciety Body Con Dress, Free People Reagan Desroyed Jean)


Though this is a short break it can be jam packed with fun and relaxation. No matter where you are, your dorm, at home, or taking a mini trip it is best to make the most of this time! 

(Free People Universal Boyfriend Jean)


All styles available at


10/13/2017 1:02 PM By Charissee McKee Lifestyle,

It is almost time for formal wear and even more pressing the holiday season will be quickly approaching. So, what does that mean?! A girl needs that perfect dress for any formal occasion!

We selected a few dresses that you are sure to love!

Glitter screams fun and festivities! One of our new arrivals Glitter as Rose Gold is a great pick! Whether it is for a holiday party, homecoming party, organization formals this one is defiantly a winner! 

Every girl needs a little black dress! Our Free People Talk About It Mini Dress is perfect for any occasion AND it can become a staple in your closet! It’s classic, chic, and makes for a great look!

Black is always a classic look, but adding a little lace makes your look even more feminine and timeless! This is our BB Dakota Calvin Dress. This dress can be worn for formals orat  a holiday party! It’s the perfect dress that is appropriate to wear around your family (aka grandma) and your friends!

You get the best of both worlds with this dress! Our Free People High Society Bodycon Dress is form fitting and it has lace details, which is very feminine! This dress is perfect for formals or a holiday party with friends! The different elements like the cross back and corset silhouette makes for a great Victorian, but modern look!   

10/5/2017 3:09 PM By Charissee McKee Fashion, Lifestyle,

Do you love the velvet trend as much as we do? Need help styling it? We’ll show you how BTG Style! Whether it is mixing textures, wearing a pop of color or a pattern, or even an accent of velvet. We have put together four looks to show you how to rock the trend of the season!  

Style Tip 1: Mix Textures!


Mixing denim, lace, or leather with velvet adds more depth and style to your look!  We paired our Mocha Longline Velvet Blazer with our Free People Modern Femme Vegan Mini Skirt and Free People Turn It Up Layering Top. The mixture of textures (velvet, chiffon, and leather) makes for a great night look!  It’s sophisticated, mature, but it also trendy and stylish!


Style Tip 2: Keep it Glamorous, but Simple!


Velvet always makes for a glamorous look! Having a little extra detail like a floral print makes it even more timeless! This Cold Shoulder Velvet Romper has an open back, which adds even more detail to an already beautiful piece. When wearing a look that has both velvet and print, such as this look, it already speaks for itself – so keep it simple with styling and accessorizing!  Try a pair of gold hoops and dainty necklace. Remember in this romper you are already effortlessly stylish!


Style Tip 3:  Try a Pop of Color!

Velvet is a fabric that is classic, chic, and sophisticated!  However, when in a bright color like a mustard yellow, it makes for a great vintage look! For Style tip 3 we styled our Free People Dream Top with a pair of our Skinny Jeans! Together it creates a retro vibe that is casual and comfortable! This is the perfect look for when you want to look cute and casual without having to pull out the sweats!

Style Tip 4: Velvet Accents!

If you are not into a total velvet piece adding a little velvet accents adds more elements to your look without being over bearing. We paired our Free People Glorious Sleeves Sweater with our Free People Feelin’ Fresh Vegan Mini Skirt to give you an edgy look, but still feel comfortable. This look would be great for going out on the town, for a concert or even a date night!

It’s Fall so that means sweater season is quickly approaching! Although the season is changing we have a few tips to keep you in style no matter if you are having a cozy night in, if you are on the go or for a night out on the town! We are going to show you how to rock your sweater BTG style!

Style Tip 1: Keep it Cozy, but Chic – No matter What!

We styled our Mohair Sweater Cardigan two different ways to give you chic, but cozy vibes not matter what you have planned that day! Whether it is for a cozy night in or for hanging out with friends. For our first look, we paired our Mohair Sweater Cardigan with our Free People Lakehouse Button-down Top in green and our Free People Modern Femme Vegan Mini Skirt. This look is great for going out with your friends for dinner or looking stylish while heading to class. You are sure to feel comfortable, but look super chic!  For look two, we paired our Mohair Sweater Cardigan with our Free People Jordan Tee and Free People Camo Scout Jogger Pants. This look is super comfy, but you are sure to still be in style, even while just relaxing at home!

Style Tip 2: For on the Go or For a night Out – Either Way You’ll Standout!

We styled our BB Dakota Debra Sweater two different ways to show you how you can rock a sweater for when you’re on the go or for when you’re looking how to style a sweater for a night out on the town! For our first look, we paired our BB Dakota Debra Sweater with our Free People All Day All Night Jogger Pant with some gold hoops and sneakers giving you some J.Lo vibes! This look is great for when you are out and about running errands. For look two, we paired our BB Dakota Debra Sweater with our High Waist Cotton Shorts and some knee-high boots, which makes it great for a night out on the town. This look is not on cozy and comfortable, but it’s supper stylish too!

Style Tip 3: You Can Keep It Casual or Make It Edgy – Your Choice!

We styled our Chenille Pullover Sweater two different ways to give you a casual or edgier look- depending on your vibe! For our first look, we paired our Chenille Pullover Sweater with our Free People Pretty Thing Cami underneath (it wouldn’t be Fall without layering some styles) and our Free People Universal Boyfriend Jeans. This is the perfect look for when you want to look cute and casual without having to pull out the sweats! For look two, we paired our Chenille Pullover Sweater with our Free People Feelin’ Fresh Vegan Mini Skirt to give you an edgy look, but still feel comfortable. This look would be great for going out on the town, for a concert or even a date night! 

9/21/2017 2:15 PM By Charissee McKee Fashion, Lifestyle,

Are You Gameday Ready?

So it is SEC footbal season! This means fun with your family and friends as you watch your favorite team! Whether it is at the game, the tailgate or at a watch party this is the season of SEC football! We are sure that you are excited and ready to partake in all of the festivites, but is your wardrobe ready? Don't worry we have put together a few looks to get you ready for this season!

Game Day 1

We paired our offical Auburn Tee with our Free People Just Float Cord, which is a great Fall look! This look is casual, but still chic due to the flare pant, giving off a 70s vibe! (gotta love some free people!) You are sure to look game day ready and definitely ready to cheer on your AU team! 

Are you looking to wear something casual, but cute to game day?! We put together the perfect look that would look great with some sneakers OR some booties. We paired our official SEC tank with a BTG fav our Dakota mini skirt in mustard, and our Velvet Heart Gloria Denim Jacket - accesorized with a flower printed choker! You are sure to look in the SEC spirit for game day! If you don't want the mini skirt in the mustard color, don't worry it is available in black, burnt orange and navy!

If you are looking for a more mature look and want to do away with the graphic tees we paired together the perfect look for you! You are going to have to load up on the orange and blue being a part of the AU family! We paired our Free People Londontown thermal with our Free People Just Float on Flare!  This look is not only chic and stylish, but it is also comfortable enought to enjoy the game day festiviteis!


Each look would be great to wear to the game, the tailgate or a watch party! If you love either of these looks you can click the links and purchase from! 


 War Eagle! 



9/13/2017 10:47 AM By Charissee McKee Fashion, Lifestyle,

SETS are one of this Summer's hottest trends!

Mixing and matching your sets is the best way to give them versatility and get more bang for your buck! And who doesn't like that?!

ALL looks are available on


Tori switched up her orange set by throwing on this Bishop + Young tie top for a more sophisticated look!

Holly Grace switched out of her cute trouser inspired pants and opted for a vegan leather skirt for that perfect flirty night time look!


Happy mix and matching! 

6/26/2017 2:42 PM By Chloe Popwell Fashion,

George's Farmer's Market is in Lafayette, AL and today they celebrate their 1 year anniversary!!! Bradley Robertson and her husband started the farmer's market together with their 3 kids. Please visit them and check out their website:  

We had an amazing photo shoot there this Wednesday. The lighting was amazing and the produce was beautiful! 



All the clothes used are on!!! *free shipping on orders over $50*




6/16/2017 8:23 AM By Chloe Popwell Travel,


We have had Chan Luu at Behind the Glass for several years and it is now it is on our website. We are so thrilled! 

Chan was born and raised in South Vietnam and loved creating one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry for herself and friends. After completing her Bachelor's Degree in Business from Boston University she moved to LA and started Chan Luu in 1996.

We have a wide selection of Chan Luu neck scarves and I wanted to show you all the awesome ways to wear them! 


6/5/2017 9:59 AM By Chloe Popwell Fashion,
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